The purpose of our social skills groups is to guide and support children in their development of self-awareness, coping skills, perspective-taking and empathy toward peers. We teach appropriate and fluent conversation and interactive play skills to children. The program is designed to provide our children with the tools they need to interpret “hidden” social cues and understand social conventions. Individual Treatment Plan goals are embedded into group activities and projects to maximize generalization and maintenance of skills.

Each group session is facilitated by our Program Coordinator and overseen by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. All groups include age-appropriate neurotypical peer mentors who have been taught using a specific Peer Modeling Curriculum to help other children learn social skills when the peer models show good social skills themselves. Research suggests that using peer trainers is a highly efficacious treatment alternative to adult teaching only. In addition, children with autism often have a harder time making friends; and so peer models may help them by being a friend.

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