Intensive Day Program

Behavioral Health Links offers center-based programs for children between ages 1-21. We work on task completion, attending, following routines, taking turns and other skills that the children need when they transition to and from the school setting.

We also work on social skills, Discrete Trial Training, incidental teaching programs, as well as establishing important routines within the center

After-School Program

Behavioral Health Links provides an after-school program between the hours of 2:00-8:00 pm. We group the children based on their developmental age and engage in activities such as skill acquisition, attending, turn-taking, social distancing, sanitizing regularly after working on tasks, identifying community helpers, and preparing them for the transition towards inclusion into neurotypical classroom settings.

We also engage in community outings during these hours to keep the children motivated and looking forward to engaging in the afterschool programs. We also assist in staying on task with homework, parent training at the center on a 1 to 1 setting with a clinician, as well as holding parent support groups for our families.